Sleep apnea units and their side effects

Sleep apnea units and their side effects

Unlike many disorders, for those who suffer from sleep apnea, they are usually the people they sleep with. Bedding partners have to wake up and listen to their irregular breathing patterns and worry that they can not take their next breath. Of course, those who suffer from symptoms that make life difficult, especially in their waking hours, fight against fatigue and lack of concentration as a result. Sleep apnea devices are designed to help the patient breathe properly and hopefully ensure a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, all sleep apnea devices do not work for all patients, so it may be a try and error until the most appropriate device is determined.

CPAP Units - Some cases of disease are addressed with surgical solutions while others are more easily treated with sleep apnea devices designed to help the respiratory tract to be open during sleep. These may include CPAP - Continuous Positive Airway Pressures, Dentistry Devices, Jaw Adjusters, and even Surgical Administration during sleep.

CPAP sleep apnea units provide safe and effective immediate relief. CPAP stands for continuous positive air pressure. CPAP machines are portable air generators that work to deliver low pressure oxygen to the patient via a nasal tube or a full face mask. The work of air pressure is to push the patient's tongue forward and open the throat to allow air to flow more easily.

Side effects - Unfortunately, CPAP sleep apnea devices are not without side effects. Some patients report dry eyes, headache, nasal congestion, skin rashes around the perimeter of the mask, dry skin, dry mouth, dry nose and stomach ache. However, for some patients who do not use any of these machines, more health issues are presented than the associated side effects and can also make the difference between life and death.

CPAP machines are not all the same. There are those that are self-adjusting, some that are adjusted manually and some are bi-press. Some include heated dehumidifiers. Understandably, these types of sleep apnea devices must be prescription so that the right machine can be purchased for the patient's specific needs. It is important to develop a relationship with your machine dealer because they will store all the necessary masks, hoses and other accessories that have to be replaced on a regular basis. Your dealer will be specially trained in the operation of the machines and can advise on maintenance and answer all your questions.

The APAP sleep apnea device is a machine that automatically works to adjust the pressure required for breath by breath, to keep the patient's airways open when they sleep. APAP machines are more advanced, and therefore more expensive than CPAP, but for severe apnea killers, extra costs increase peace of mind.

Dental devices - For those who are lucky enough not to require extensive machines, there are dental sleep apnea devices that are quite effective. They are portable so ideal for travel and in some cases they are actually more successful and effective than surgery for some types of airway obstructions.

A dental sleep apnea device prevents the patient's tongue from falling back into the throat, causing the patient to stop breathing, though temporarily. The device simply holds the patient's lower jaw forward with two elbow acrylic arrangements that cover the teeth and are attached to each other. Different models offer different degrees of progress but medical experts recommend at least 50% movement for success.

Side effects of dental sleep apnea devices include soreness, saliva build up, possible jaw injury, teeth and mouth, and even permanent change of the teeth or jaw position. Again, the side effects must be weighed against the benefits achieved to determine the best solution.

In view of the degree of sleep apnea and the results achieved by some of the sleep apnea devices available to patients, patients should invest time to diagnose properly. Therapy for the condition is not a single size-suits-all-situation and solutions must be tailored to the individual.

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